O Captain! My Captain!

We democratic people here at NTRG recently had a vote to decide who our captain and vice captain for 2015 will be, and the results are in!

New Town Roller Girls proudly present to you their new captain:

Harriet Jump Jet #29!


Here’s what Harriet had to say about being voted captain: “I’m really happy to be made captain! We’re gonna work hard, train hard and have fun! Let’s go kick some ass!”

And of course every captain needs a vice captain! Ladies and gentlemen we present to you our vice captain:

Hazzard #810!


Hazel had some words of her own: “This year we held our first Captains vote as we go in to our first full season of playing. I was honoured to get nominated as our vice captain and even more honoured to help Harriet Jump Jet in her captaincy! It’s gonna be a great year for NTRG!

So there you have it, the NTRG captain team for 2015! 

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