Our First Bout - Highland Rampage

So it’s been nearly a month since the Highland Rampage – a.k.a NTRG’s first bout together as a team!

Here’s the low down of what happened!

It was our first bout together as a team, and we only had 10 skaters on our roster:
Harriet Jump Jet (C), Hazzard (VC), Kryptonite (CP), DAS-V-DANIYA (CP), auROARa (CP), Marie Slamtoinette (CP), Wooly Thumper (CP), Boozer Bruiser, Chlocaine and Millie Manslaughter

LUM: Wrighteous
BENCH: Emma Belter

Want to know what those CP’s are? Cherry Poppers. That’s right – 5 of our girls that day (HALF the roster) were popping their bouting cherry! (and MASSIVE thanks to Boozer Bruiser for supplying cherry temporary tattoos for our cherry poppers!)

We are so proud of ourselves for what we achieved that day – we did not win on points in either bout but we won in our hearts and we won the crowd!

As much as each and every single one of us takes roller derby seriously, and as much as we all compete as athletes, there is something that trumps that for all of us – we have FUN!

Winning or losing didn’t matter to us – we went out there for the first time, gave it our all, learnt a lot, but most importantly… we had FUN!


For many, many more photos check out our Facebook page!

286 : 60

191 : 163

Photography credit: Laura MacDonald

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