Raising Money for Good Causes

When we aren't skating the members of NTRG take up a lot of other activities. One of these is helping charities. Recently two of our members took part in a charity run called the Roadblock Run which helps the Scottish Cot Death Trust.

We caught up with Claire and Yvonne afterwards and asked them what the run and the charity meant to them:

Yvonne: " Roadblock Run for the Scottish Cot Death Trust. I did it as my son and sister died of SIDS and they support families and research into causes.
I asked Claire if she fancied it too so I'm probably to blame for her sore legs just now

…my Leigha got serious ill in May/June and ended up in intensive care? I know through that now that there is a genetic metabolic disorder in my family. The SCDT also support families with siblings and if a diagnosis is made either through post mortem or genetic testing etc."

Claire: " I did the roadblock run to support Yvonne and to raise awareness of Scottish cot death trust and the support they offer families."


We are immensely proud of our members charitable nature and wish the SCDT all the success in the future to help prevent family tragedies . Take the time to read over the SCDT website and see all the people they help!

Their efforts aren't the only charitable even happening within NTRG this month! Hazzard is donating her rapunzel-esque locks to the Little Princess Trust. At the end of the month she will get the chop and alongside this she is hoping to raise £350 to go with the hair donation!

We spoke to her about why she is donating to the Little Princess Trust:

"I've never known any children that have had to go through the experiences of having a horrendous illness and all the side effects that go with it. This donation of hair and fundraising efforts is my way of trying to help those that have been effected have the best possible life they can.!"

If you can spare a few quid for another great cause please feel free to donate here : https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Hazel-Mochan

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