The NTRG Christmas Funskate 2014!

How does a roller derby team celebrate Christmas? We’re glad you asked!

On the 28th of December 2014, NTRG hosted a Christmas fun skate for our skaters, their friends & family, and our buddies from other leagues.

It involved 4 pretty kick-ass F’s:

Friends (lots of them)
Food (amazing junk food like crisps, donuts and cake (some made by one of our skaters!)
Fun (3 hours of it)
Falling (which provided many laughs)

Basically the idea was to eat, drink (non alcoholic beverages of course – be safe kids, don’t drink and skate) skate around and be merry which, of course, we all did.

Some of us came dressed a little Christmassy too! We had hand drawn Christmas t-shirts, Christmas PJ’s and jumpers, & a Bruce Willis from Die Hard costume to name just a few outfits. But our very own Woolly Thumper really blew us away by wearing Christmas lights!

But pictures are much better than words, so check out some of the pictures & videos from the event below – the full album can be found on our Facebook page!


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